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released April 29, 2013

All tracks have been written and recorded by ourselves.
Recorded in a bedroom.
Mixed and Mastered by Elliot Laws.
Produced by AVACET.



all rights reserved



Christian Gautrey
Elliot Laws
James Hague
Jake Brunt


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Track Name: Dive (Mastered)
If unable to walk, start crawling
Find glory in rising after falling

Leave the nest
Just to breathe new air
To be born again
To be unaware
Of all the doubts
That we may share
Leave the rest
Just to breathe new air

A sacred place dwells within our heart
Where visions grow, waiting to start
Track Name: Vessels
Toxic lungs, brittle bones, an empty vessel in the ocean
An absent mind, a heart un-owned, a body in motion without emotion
Avert your crooked eyes, because this home decays like a cancer
And gaze at all the signs, which are craving to be answered

I’m wide awake
With the thoughts of mistake
And if you care, I’ll take you there

If a fool rush’s in where angels fear to tread
Then I’ll be gone, there to join them to see what lies ahead
There’s more than life inside, not just blood and bone wrapped in skin
Remember all those times, hope for everything that’s been
Track Name: Play Your Cards (Mastered)
Disregard our feet of clay
So we can see the light of day
Some can’t look the other way

A need to feel a heart to thrill
Fact reveals a bitter pill
Conviction acts as one to bind
Let’s see trust through eyes so blind

Maybe it's alright to stay up all night
Thinking of how to play your cards right
I do it all the time
I do it all the time
I do it all the time

Signals wait to be received
All the signs are misconceived
The truth remains beyond belief

Words reflect thoughts of mistrust
Indecision mixed with lust
Tied up in an endless knot
Hope is lost, and left to rot
Track Name: Future Plans
You jumped in, the water froze
The threads tore in your clothes
You said "Life is cheap"
With closed eyes you went to sleep

Desperate measures you resort
Was there an absence of support?
Was there an answer to border on?
Or black thoughts to act upon

All we know of future plans
Can be read from the cracks in the palms of our hands
So don’t leave your voice to be a sound to drown
Or harbour thoughts that cut you from the ground